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 on: Today at 06:50:01 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by ChasSmith
But what a great show it was, and kudos to BK for making it a real event!

That comes from real showmanship, of course, not just controlling some hardware and software.  :)

Looking forward to another!

 on: Today at 06:43:19 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by ChasSmith
The Facebook Kritzerland show was wonderful, at nearly three hours!

The first few links I followed were from here. Then I saw one of the live introductions and realized I was missing a lot if I didn't watch those instead. So I checked back here for comments but pretty much stayed on FB. And then the ways Facebook operates drove me nuts. Maybe there are better ways I could have done this, but this was my method:

I've only ever watched single FB Live events, and had no issue with those, but the need to constantly refresh BK's page caused little things to be missed, even after I got a routine down.

(Read further at your own risk, f you really want to geek out!)  :)

First, is there a setting that enables/disables the muting of volume every time you get to a video? If so, I probably have it set to mute on purpose, since FB could be hellish otherwise. So I'd have to uncheck that for an event like this because there's no way I could refresh the page for BK's latest introduction and not miss the first few seconds of audio every time.

And then, it seems that "click to expand" is what "joins" you to the event, where you can read people's comments on the right side of the screen. (Is there another way?) Is this correct? I could read people's comments, and it would announce that, for example, DR Ginny was watching, and I think that's because she's a FB friend. No other FB friends of mine showed up until near the end for the thanks and goodnights.

That view of the live video would sometimes freeze upon starting the page, or it would delay starting. I usually had to refresh that page, thereby missing even more of it. And then sometimes it would freeze right in the middle, necessitating a refresh.

Finally, once a live segment is finished, I found you can't leave the page there and just refresh that when BK comes back. That one's gone, and you have to go back to the person's regular page and start the process over again.

 on: Today at 06:23:01 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by ChasSmith
A seasonal joke.

I don't remember seeing or hearing that one before. Excellent!  :)

 on: Today at 06:22:37 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by ChasSmith
Good morning, all.

 on: Today at 06:11:21 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by elmore3003
A seasonal joke.

 on: Today at 06:09:41 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by elmore3003
I'm running late this morning and kitty cleanup is over.  I still have to tidy up the apartment.  Today's project, besides watching the Kritzerland show, is to put away the DVDs before the cats kick them all over the apartment.

 on: Today at 06:03:21 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by Jrand69

Adam's Rib
Born Yesterday
Bell's Are Ringing

 on: Today at 06:02:49 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by Jrand69
The sun is shining and it will be a nice day here weather wise.

 on: Today at 05:59:51 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by Jrand69
I enjoyed all of the videos last night and I was able to watch four or five of the live intros.....

I switched and forth between pages......

 on: Today at 05:59:13 AM 
Started by bk - Last post by Jrand69
As I said before I played FELICITOUS in a production of The Odd Couple in 2001.

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