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Author Topic: URL Links Within a Word  (Read 2696 times)

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URL Links Within a Word
« on: August 05, 2004, 07:00:04 PM »

Just so that it's here on the Technical Board:

How do you do that?   ???

  • an open bracket
  • then "url=" (without the quotes)
  • then the actual URL
  • then close bracket
  • then type what you want to show, in this case "CLICK HERE" and you can have all the spaces you want at this point
  • then another open bracket
  • then "/url"
  • then a close bracket
I added here spaces so that it won't work and you can see the construction:

[url = http : // www .the_url_goes_here. com]Type what you want to show[ / url]

So, when it all works, you get this:  CLICK HERE.

And what I usually like to do is make it BOLD so that it stands out!

Or you can make bold and CHANGE THE COLOR!

If you quote my message, you can see exactly how it works!
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